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A Happy Thanksgiving & a Slappy Spanksgiving from Bonoboville ❤

Season’s Beatings! And Bonobo Way Book-Spankings


Get STUFFED This Thanksgiving…

Food is the main event, but save room for sex! That turkey hole shouldn’t be the only one that gets deliciously stuffed... Is your sex life more in need of spice than your pumpkin pie? Call the Dr. Susan Block Institute at 310-568-0066. We’re here for you throughout the holidays. Photo left with Goddess Soma by JuxLii

Spanksgiving-Dr-Susan-Block-spanks-Sinn-Sage-550x379 And Have a Slappy Spanksgiving!

Let us give thanks for all our blessings, Brothers and Sisters! And let us give spanks to all consenting adults who need spankings!  And let us give $$$ to save the bonobos. And let us stop the bombing & the shooting & make peace through pleasure in our time! Amen & AWOMEN


Spanksgiving in Bonoboville!

After getting stuffed from both ends on Thursday & Recovery Friday, it’s time for SPANKSgiving Saturday night in Bonoboville! RSVP: 310-568-0066. DEETS HERE.



Being “Humane” is… Very Bonobo

“Compare bonobo values to the human war machine, global gun cultures, the cold greed of Wall Street, the cynical hypocrisy of K street, Hollywood’s glorification of high-definition violence, the corporate raping of our ecosystem, the brutal subjugation of women in patriarchies around the world, the gangs of disaffected young men turned murderous by their elders, the ever-expanding Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) and Prison Industrial Complex (PIC), the Army Surplus policing of our citizenry and… you have to wonder which animal is really “humane (58).”  Excerpt from The Bonobo Way

without Borders | Radio without Boundaries

DrSusanBlock-Thanksgiving Let’s Talk Turkey

Let us help you cope with holiday stress or just share the cheer! Call 310-568-0066.

Secular-Sexuality-cover170x170 Secular Sexuality: The Bonobo Way

“The amazing Dr. Susan Block talks with us about her sex therapy practice, her famous and long running show and Bonobos” is how Dr. Darrel Ray describes his fantastic interview with Dr. Suzy on Secular Sexuality, Good listening!

Featured Therapist: Rose

One of the Institute‘s newest therapists, Rose is young, sensuous, compassionate, adventurous & available for phone & webcam therapy. From fantasies, to fetishes she is smart as a whip, kinky and at your service. ➤ Arrange to speak with Rose by calling 213.291.9497.

The Institute presents SEX CALLS

…from the Dr. Susan Block Show archives.

Dr. Suzy's Clip-o-Rama
Dr. Suzy’s Clip-O-Rama XXX Theater

Bonnie STUFFS Layla

Bonnie (2014 AVN Female Performer of the Year) gives a hand to Layla Rivera. Watch now in the xXx theater.

Stay warm all night with DrSuzy.Tv

Wow! Oh Wow! This is Dr. SuzyTV

Professors, porn stars, & sexperts the Dr. Susan Block Show is booking guests for upcoming shows. For more info, tweet to RadioSuzy1 or call 310-568-0066 and ask for Biz.

Greatest Sexuality Show on Earth!

Take Bonoboville Communion with us, and get a studio membership! RSVP for an evening of pleasure by the palm trees, and never be bored on Saturday night again. Call 310-568-0066 now.

Keep up with Bonoboville on Meetup.
Studio members can attend for free.

Can’t join us In the flesh? Listen FREE on your cell phone, watch on demand, or chat during the Live-stream in the Bonoboville.com studio!

Have a question for Dr. Suzy or her guests? Ask via Skype: 213-599-7398 Or call 310-568-0066 / 1-866-289-7068. Twitter via: @RadioSUZY1 or @DrSuzy.

Spank someone happy.

Fappit-Group_DrSuzy_a_censored Fappit before you Slappit!

Rough seas stir the Womb Room as Dr. SuzyCapt’n Max talk headlines: HIV & Charlie Sheen, Perma-war, police brutality too. Show guests Jessica Fappit & Kim Airs, share peace through pleasure through vibrators, oral & Bubble Love. Check the DEETS.


Sex in Space?!

This week Neil deGrasse Tyson answers the question on our mind, “what is Sex in Space like? “


Give “The Bonobo Way”

It’s the ultimate sex-affirming stocking stuffer! Give it to your “prime mate” or any mate! They’ll love the wit, wisdom & super-sexy, paradigm-exploding perspective of Dr. Suzy’s  acclaimed  manifesto of peace through pleasure: The Bonobo Way. Good Reading!

Need to talk? Why wait? Call now | 213.291.9497

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