Strange Sex breast milk fetish

A man who has been drinking his wife’s breast milk, straight from the source, for over one and a half years says it cured his erectile dysfunction.
In the season three premiere of TLC’s Strange Sex, Jeff reveals how he is sexually stimulated by breastfeeding and impregnating his wife, Michelle.
Jeff, who lives in Ohio, says candidly on the show: ‘There are individuals out there that get turned on by feet, spanking, and cars. I get turned on by drinking my wife’s breast milk and getting her pregnant.’

The couple have one child, Ala, and it wasn’t until she was born and Michelle was nursing her that his fetish was ‘fully realised.’
He said: ‘Michelle was nursing her, and it was something I felt like, you now what, I’d actually like try it.
‘The first time I breast fed from Michelle, I just latched on and the milk started flowing. It was such a turn on, I had to stop, otherwise I would have finished right then and there,’ he said. ‘It was that much of a turn on.’
The series explores unusual fetishes and the science behind sexual attraction, featuring individuals who are breaking their silence to divulge the obstacles, frustrations and embarrassment they face on a daily basis.

Kimberly Resnick Anderson, the director at Summa Center for Sexual Health, explained: ‘A fetish is someone who is sexually aroused by a particular behaviour that is unconventional, and they are dependent on that to be sexual aroused and achieve orgasm.’
Michelle said she was unsure about Jeff’s fetish at first, but quickly realised it was something she enjoyed.

‘Ala was probably six months old the first time he breastfed from me. I told him if I don’t like it, you’re not going to be able to do it. But when Jeff started feeding from me, it was very erotic.’
She added: ‘If you have excess [breast milk], you might as well make use of it.’
The premiere episode will also provide a behind-the-scenes look inside the sex life of a husband and wife who are struggling to keep the passion alive.
Lynn, as a sign of her love and devotion to her husband Johnny, elects to undergo a hymenoplasty, a surgical operation to reconstruct the hymen in order to recreate the look and feel of virginity.
The show candidly explores the intricacies and impact of sexual habits from the unusual to the unbelievable, including a man with a 200-pound scrotum, and a woman with the world’s largest natural breasts.

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