Spanksgiving in Bonoboville with Onyx Muse! #StandWithPP

It's your duty to spank booty on Spanksgiving. Photo: Ono Bo

What a Boot-ful Spanksgiving in Bonoboville!  Photo: Ono Bo

Length 1:43:57 Date: November 28, 2015


by Dr. Susan Block

On Thanksgiving, let us give thanks for all we love. And on Spanksgiving, let us give spanks to all consenting adults who need spankings. And let us practice the Bonobo Way so we may find a way to stop killing one another. Let us learn from our bonobo sisters and brothers how we too might live in peace through pleasure… with a little spanking.  And let us spank our hands together across a nice warm, willing, well-shaped ass, and let us say Amen. And AWOMEN.

Yes indeed, Brothers and Sisters, Lovers and Sinners, celebrating Spanksgiving on the Saturday night after Thanksgiving is an official Bonoboville tradition, almost (but not quite!) a religious ritual, and this bonoboësque, booty-ful show definitely spanks your twitchy cerebrum as well as your holiday bun-loving libido.


First, some cerebral spankings: In the wake of Black Friday’s domestic terrorist attack on a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic in which an angry old man with a small mind and a big gun murdered three people and wounded nine, this show’s pro-choice politics are front and center: We #StandWithPP, y’all (even though when you say that hashtag out loud—“Stand with Peepee”—it sounds like you’re supporting a dick, though we can get behind that too, as long as it’s a nice dick, and we don’t mean Cheney)!

It’s enough to make you want to spank an extremist anti-women’s health Republican. Or, if you are an extremist anti-women’s health Republican, then this show will probably make you want to spank me. That’s okay; I enjoy spanking. Just don’t shoot me (or Capt’n Max who has some impassioned and incisive words to share on this subject). I’d like to add, “Don’t encourage others to shoot us with your hateful, lie-infested, gun-toting rhetoric,” but I wouldn’t want to squelch your Freedom of Speech. Just the shooting. A hint to the anti-abortion activists squawking like turkeys over Planned Parenthood supporters infringing on their “First Amendment rights”: Free Speech doesn’t include the right to kill people.

With the Muse of Spanksgiving. Photo: L'erotique

With the Muse of Spanksgiving 2015. Photo: L’erotique

Spanksgiving Muse

Then cum the libidinous actual spankings that will probably make you want to “spank the monkey,” as our Spanksgiving 2015 featured guest is the sweet and spankable, naughty and nice Onyx Muse, in her fourth delightful appearance on The Dr. Susan Block Show (others include Polly Superstar in Bonoboville, Bonobo Spring Equinox and Pre-Masturbation Month Muse, now playing in the DrSuzy.Tv archives). For this holiday special, Ms. Muse is decked out like a post-modern Domme Doll, the “Muse of Spanksgiving,” complete with onyx-black and blood-red latex boots, mock military epaulettes, retro pin-up curls, stockings, garters, and a heart-shaped latex riding crop.

Also on and around the broadcast bed are the always ravishing Dayton Rains and DrSuzy.Tv show producer extraordinaire Biz Bonobo, a.k.a. Elizabeth Aston, both very spankable webcam and phone therapists with the Block Institute.

The Virtual Sex Therapeutic RƎVO˩ution

Speaking of webcam, Onyx is now camming with Live Jasmin. We talk about the different ways we here at the Institute try to help people with various sexual problems and pleasures via Phone Sex Therapy (a term I coined back in 1991 when I first started talking with my regular sex therapy clients over the phone), and how all types of phone sex, camming and other virtual sexual services can be very healing forms of therapy. They may be underground and uncredentialed by a professional organization, but they are, quite often, at least as therapeutic as more conventional forms of sex therapy.

Therapeutic or just plain fun (and isn’t fun sometimes therapeutic?), the virtual sexual experience industry (including webcam, phone sex and sexting) is an important aspect of feminist sexual and economic empowerment, as so many women (both educated and uneducated) are earning decent money doing this work, supplementing their regular incomes or wholly supporting themselves, their families, their art and/or their Bonoboville without the physical dangers that in-person sex work entails.

Mistletoe Threeway Kiss. Photo: Ono Bo

Mistletoe Threeway Kiss. Photo: Ono Bo


Modern Witchcraft

Virtual sex therapy is a kind of modern-day witchcraft, since the service providers are mainly ladies (with a few sexually astute and flexible male warlocks and transgender folks), and it’s another vital aspect of “women’s health,” often vilified—even while heavily utilized—by “patriarchal” types. Also, like witchcraft, the phone sex therapist or cam model creates the “magic” of erotic pleasure by giving the illusion of actual sexual intercourse… or perhaps a spanking, fetish play, an orgy, a forbidden encounter or whatever helps you to release your inner bonobo.

It’s also an aspect of men’s health. Most people that patronize phone sex therapy, regular phone sex and webcam services are males with high sex drives, confusing desires and/or deep needs for erotic communication or sex information. A small number have very taboo nonconsensual fantasies that should not be acted out in real life, and the virtual sex industry offers these folks a safe haven in what I call the “erotic theater of the mind” to express their feelings without hurting anyone, including themselves.

Sure, some poor shmucks run up a bill that goes beyond their budget (and they should be spanked for that), but in general, the virtual sex industry heals a billion times more than it harms anyone. But it’s no more “addictive” (if such things can even be called “addictions”) than Facebook. Indeed, we help a lot of messed up, ‘roid-raging, PTSD-addled guys to put down the AK-47s and just shoot the gun between their legs. It’s the Bonobo Way.

First Photo: Ono Bo.. Next 2 Photos: L’Erotique


Assume the Position

We could go on and on yakking away like a family on Thanksgiving, but it’s Spanksgiving and this is the Bonoboville family, so we get physical. “It’s our duty to spank booty on Spanksgiving,” Biz raps as she pulls out the Jux Leather flogger (just launched on and “The Belt” that reminds Onyx and Dayton of their childhood beltings and spankings, the fetish-stimulating (and not terribly effective) disciplines of many a good, strict Catholic household. After Dayton confesses to having been spanked with everything from wooden spoons to shoes to a piece of screen door, Bonobo Way book-spankings ensue, along with Bonoboville Communion with Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur and mistletoe, and then more spankings with whatever is at hand, including our hands. We spank butts, boobs, buttholes, and vulvas, over-the-bed and over-the-knee (OTK). Assume the position!

 With submission, exhibitionism and a palpable sense of catharsis, we offer up our asses in “sacrifice” for our collective guilt in our human wars against each other. Thus symbolically, we “spank away” our founding fathers and mothers’ sins of genocide against the Native Americans, whitewashed by the false but bonoboësque Thanksgiving fairy tale of British Pilgrims and American “Indians” feasting peacefully. We spank away our sins against the foreign lands that the American Military-Industrial Complex has invaded, the villagers our drones have destroyed, and the numerous citizens our police have murdered, including the recent execution-style slaying of a 17-year-old by a Chicago police officer. We even get a spank in for Charlie Sheen for dissing sex workers. We also spank away our personal sins; spanking can be great therapy—for the spanker and the spankee.

Dayton and Biz take their spankings with aplomb and lovely upturned asses, and at one point, we all give an eight butt-cheek, full-moon “salute” to the folks at home. However, special mention must be made of Miss Muse’s inspirational, alabaster-smooth, perfectly “toned at the gym” derrière which is so nice, I not only give a licking, I actually give it a lick for this very special holiday Bonoboville Booty Communion.

First Photo: L’Erotique. Next 2 Photos: Ono Bo

Stuffing vs. Fisting & Foot Fetish Fun

More Communions featuring a variety of bobbing boobs and inner thighs follow a chat about stuffing turkeys versus fisting hotties (a fine example of the latter being our clip of then-ingénue Bonnie Rotten (2014 AVN Female Performer of the Year) swiveling all five of her adroit digits into Layla Rivera’s eager yoni like she truly is stuffing a fine roasted gobbler). Special attention is paid to Ms. Muse’s exquisite, glitter-pedicured feet, revealed in all their wiggly glory after Dayton removes her gigantic boots, knee socks and fishnet stockings.

This causes the Captain to go off on a lyrical “Ode to the Piggies” that has everyone wiggling and giggling, transforming the show area into a small foot orgy, where even my tootsies get deliciously worshipped by Ms. Rains’ talented tongue. Later we realize that Max’s and Onyx’s hemp socks match my hemp gauntlets and, since by that time, we’ve inhaled a bit of Ikkor the Wolf’s fine Green Cross medicinal, we’re loving it.

Spanksgiving in Bonoboville with Biz Bonobo with Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur, Onyx Muse with The Bonobo Way, Dr. Susan Block & Dayton Rains in G-Spot Brand cap. Photo: Jux Lii

Dr. Suzy Commedia Erotica Players: Biz Bonobo with Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur, Onyx Muse with The Bonobo Way, Dr. Susan Block & Dayton Rains in G-Spot Brand cap. Photo: Jux Lii

Spank Out War!

Spanksgiving is such a hoot, even the back-stage crew is whooping it up—while neglecting to turn down their audio—so we haul their sorry butts out onstage. I threaten them with spankings, but they have such nonconsensual looks on their faces that I prudently administer their punishments to Dayton’s happy sacrificial behind.

And that’s pretty much “The End,” and yes, I mean your butt. Assume the position! Celebrate Spanksgiving with bonoboësque mayhem (mark the Saturday after Thanksgiving on your 2016 calendar), and do your part—we can all do something!—to spank out murder and military mayhem.

The Ends. Photo: Ono Bo

The Ends. Photo: Ono Bo

© November 28, 2015. Susan Block, Ph.D., a.k.a. “Dr. Suzy,” is a world renowned LA sex therapist, author of The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure and horny housewife, occasionally seen on HBO and other channels. For speaking engagements, call 310-568-0066.

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  1. Del Rey says:

    This broadcast of the Dr. Susan Block Show was a deliciously festive Bonoboville reunion, as Onyx Muse and Dayton Rains both return to the speakeasy.

    Indeed these ladies are visually stunning and true exhibitionists; bringing the warmth of spanksgiving cheer with them. Hat-tip to JuxLi for supplying the party favors, what would a night in Bonoboville be without your floggers? Even as I type out this comment, my coffee cup is resting on a JuxLeather coaster.

    I also enjoyed the range of topics covered during the evening; spankings, foot fetishes, stripteases and of course current events (#StandWithPP, #JeSuisParis), the show is truly revolutionary in this regard, boldly, peacefully, and candidly discussing sexuality, politics, nonviolence all within the course of an evening. Great show, so glad to be alongside so many wonderful minds and bodies.

    Del Rey

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