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Wilde Mystery this Saturday on DrSuzy.Tv & Foot Fetish Fun Anytime 24/7

Fall into The Bonobo WayFEET First!


This Saturday on DrSuzy.Tv!

Loni LegendBrock Doom, Kierra Wilde! To RSVP Call 310.568.0066, Studio members are free. Deets here.

Therapy Spotlight: Feet

Are fantasies about toes, arches, ankle, legs, stockings and pantyhose, nylons, fishnets, shoes or boots on your mind? Speak with our therapists and learn how to enjoy your fetish for feet with your partner. Call anytime, we’re always available, 213.291.9497. <Read More>

Tamera in Bonoboville!

International peace ambassadors Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn join Dr. Susan Block in the Womb Room to talk about Tamera, a healing biotope in Portugal and Terra Nova, the global platform for their mission of peace. To listen for free, to read the blog & see our Supermoon Eve pix, click here. Why Wait? Watch the archive on DrSuzy.Tv right now. Even better! RSVP your seat at our next show: Call 310-568-0066. Join Meetup for our full calendar! It’s the Bonobo Way.in Bonoboville.


Sex Calls: Secret Orgies with Jessica

Jessica calls in to talk about her voracious sexual appetite, and Dr. Suzy affirms that it is okay by offering a simple solution… Watch Now. Note:Sex Calls” are not therapy sessions. Need a private session? Call 213.291.9497.

Therapists without Borders | Radio without Boundaries

Become a Phone Sex Therapist

Do you have a terrific phone voice, an open mind, a desire to help others? Become a phone sex therapist.

5 Stars from AVN Hall of Famer

The Bonobo Way “is amazingly written and full of wonderful insights, some humorous, some right on the money. If you ever wanted to expand your horizons and read what could be a life Inspiring book. The Bonobo Way is the right book. Dr. Susan has hit another homerun and well I just love the book and her dedication to sexuality” Karen Summer, [AVN Hall of Fame]. 

Join the social RƎVO˩ution in Bonoboville and read The Bonobo Way!

Featured Therapist: Heather

Heather is a kinky MILF with an open mind, an interest in domination and is ready to talk about anything. For telephone sex therapy with Heather call the Dr. Susan Block Institute213.291.9497. From fantasies to marriages you can speak with the therapists at the institute any time you like, night or day. No topic is too taboo. 


Foot Fetish Model Amber Berlin

From head to toe, Amber Berlin is a sight to behold. Watch as this foot fetish model unzips her footwear for a bit of boot dangling, and toe spreads and scrunching, much to the delight of the folks in the Speakeasy.

Dr. Suzy's Clip-o-Rama
Dr. Susan Block’s Clip-O-Rama XXX Theater


Welcome to Clip-O-Rama

A revolutionary clip-site with a library of videos for all tastes and occasions. Enjoy the XXX theater, which feature the likes of Layla Rivera, Naked Rhythm and more. Clip-O-Rama, brand spanking good!

Now playing: Feet For Lovers

Erotic, sensual, and sexy, Feet for Lovers explores the sexual nature of Feet. Follow along as Dr. Susan Block tours tooties, stockings, shoes and boots, and discover the pleasure of giving and receiving “toegasms.” With over an hour of footage, Feet For Lovers is a premier video for podophilascs and the curious alike. Now playing in the Clip-O-Rama Theater, this gem from the Block Studio archives is sure to get your toes curling and is a great introduction into the world of foot fetishes.

Need to talk  about feet?

Speak privately with a therapist by calling 213.291.9497.

Save the Date. We Mean it!

Keep up to date with the greatest sexuality show on earth. Already a member? RSVP: Call 310-568-0066.


Wanted: Live-In Web Dev

Jack hit the jackpot, so now Bonoboville needs a new Live-In Web Dev. If you qualify, please apply. Call 310-568-0066.


Surround yourself with good.

Bonoboville Site Update

Hiya Bonobos! Our coders are working tirelessly to bring you a social media experience unlike any other, and they decided to start with you. Yes, Bonoboville’s profile images are 266% bigger than those other sites. So say more with your Bonoboville avatar, and know that we won’t flip about a nip. #FreeTheNipple and join the revolution. How do you Bonobo?
Team Bonobo✿


Greatest Sexuality Show on Earth!

RSVP for an evening of pleasure by the palm trees, 310-568-0066.Take Bonoboville Communion with us, and get a studio membership! Never be bored on Saturday nights again. Keep up with Bonoboville on Meetup

Studio members can attend for free.

Can’t join us In the flesh? Listen FREE on your cell phone, watch on demand, or chat during the Live-stream in the Bonoboville.com studio! Have a question for Dr. Suzy or her guests? Ask via Skype: 213-599-7398 Or call 310-568-0066 / 1-866-289-7068. Twitter via: @RadioSUZY1 or @DrSuzy

The Bonoboville Gallery

Explore the Bonoboville Gallery, a.k.a., the Speakeasy Gallery of Erotic Art, which features erotic prints, photographs, sculptures, paintings and more .From live modeling to photo shoots, and featured exhibits membership has its pleasures.  

To schedule a viewing of the gallery please call: 310-568-0066. 

Left: “Toenight” by Rick Gillihan

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The Dr. Susan Block show  is listener supported radio, listen free or keep the good times on air by becoming a sponsoring member of DrSuzy.TV


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