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Capt’n Max’s Bday & Bonobo Way Anniversary this Saturday 11/7 + Cam & Telephone Sex Therapy Anytime 24/7 ♥

Need Help Captaining the Yacht of Your Sex Life? Call Us.


Capt’n Max’s Birthday!

Join Dr. Suzy, & all of Bonoboville as we celebrate the living legendary Capt’n Max‘s Bday. Deets Here RSVP: 310-568-0066.

Photos of The Bonobo Way Launch Party by Jux Lii, Felix, Ron Lyon, Keerthi, Nisreen

Bonobo Way  1st Anniversary!

Its been a year since we launched The Bonobo Way, releasing a Bonoboville of ways to release your inner bonobo; 5-Star reviews (over 30+!), book-spankings, interviews & the amazing reader-supported Bonobo Way Female Empowerment Outreach Project, enabling us to empower many women and help the wild bonobos. Our message of peace through pleasure is catching fire! Get Your BONOBO WAY today.


Halloween in BOOnoBOOville

Witches, bitches & the BiG book-spankable, twerking buns of Marcy Diamond, & Virgo Peridot take to Dr. Suzy Speakeasy stage for an orgasmic, glitter-squirting, spooky climaxXx to Kink Month. Enjoy all the BOOtyful BOOnoBOOville DEETS, We sure did!

without Borders | Radio without Boundaries


Featured Therapist: Rose

New to the Institute, Rose is an adventurous young woman, smart, sensuous & ready to explore sexuality, fantasies, erotic  empowerment, relationships & so much more. | Arrange to speak with Rose or any of our therapists by calling 213.291.9497 anytime.


Let’s Talk About the Taboo

Need to talk about something you can’t talk about with anyone else? You can talk to us. We’re here for you.

Dr. Susan Block | Sex Calls Lesbian Secret Lesbian Love

From roommates to lovers to girlfriends, Dr. Suzy helps “Sara” to get out of the closet and find fulfillment. SEX CALLS are not actual therapy sessions. For a private session call 310.568.0066.

Dr. Suzy's Clip-o-Rama
Dr. Suzy’s Clip-O-Rama XXX Theater: #KinkMonth


ErotiqueTV Mega Orgy

Enjoy this feast for the eyes, as a group sex scene unfolds on Dr. Suzy’s Speakeasy Bed. Watch ErotiqueTv Mega Orgy and so much more in the xXx theater.


Wanted: Live-In Web Dev

Jack hit the jackpot, so now Bonoboville needs a new Live-In Web Dev. If you qualify, please apply. Call 310-568-0066.

Give Thanks for DrSuzy.Tv

#FreetheNipple with Filly Films. Photo: L'Erotique

Now Booking Guests

How do you Bonobo? Booking all kinds of guests, from professors to porn stars, for upcoming shows. For more info, tweet to RadioSuzy1 or call 310-568-0066 and ask for Biz.

Greatest Sexuality Show on Earth!

Take Bonoboville Communion with us, and get a studio membership! RSVP for an evening of pleasure by the palm trees, and never be bored on Saturday night again. Call 310-568-0066 now.

Keep up with Bonoboville on Meetup.
Studio members can attend for free.

Can’t join us In the flesh? Listen FREE on your cell phone, watch on demand, or chat during the Live-stream in the Bonoboville.com studio!

Have a question for Dr. Suzy or her guests? Ask via Skype: 213-599-7398 Or call 310-568-0066 / 1-866-289-7068. Twitter via: @RadioSUZY1 or @DrSuzy.

Surround yourself with good.


Bonobo Way Tops  “Animal Facts”!

Release Your Inner Animal for Halloween! Read Carrie Weisman’s Alternet article on sex among non-human animals, kicked off by sharing a quote from The Bonobo Way.

The Bonoboville Revolution

Bonoboville is not just where we broadcast the Dr. Susan Block show, it is also a social media website where  you can meet and stay in touch with others who are interested in the Peace through pleasure life way .

unnamed Simply Sxy’s Simply Awesome…

 …REVIEW of The Bonobo Way. will convince you to order your copy today!

Need to talk? Why wait? Call now | 213.291.9497

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