Capt’n Max Bday: A Bonoboville Celebration of a Revolutionary Life, Love & The Bonobo Way First Anniversary

Isiah Maxwell, Luc Wylder, Jux Lii, Ron Jeremy, Middle Row: Alexandra Silk, Capt'n Max, Dr. Suzy, Jessica Shores, Bonobo Rose. Bottom Row: Biz Bonobo, Dayton Rains, Ono Bo. Photo: Unscene Abe

Top Row: Luc Wylder, Jux Lii, Ron Jeremy. Middle Row: Isiah Maxwell, Alexandra Silk with The Bonobo Way, Capt’n Max with Ron de Jeremy Rum & Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur, Dr. Suzy, Jessica Shores, Bonobo Rose. Bottom Row: Biz Bonobo with Ecosexuality, Dayton Rains, Ono Bo. Photo: Unscene Abe


Length 1:53:03 Date: November 7, 2015

By Dr. Susan Block

Capt’n Max, a.k.a., Pr. Maximillian R. Leblovic di Lobkowicz di Filangieri, was born at the Vatican Hospital in Rome, on November 8th 1943. At the tender age of seven, he and a horde of other deposed royal families of Europe set sail on a big beautiful ship, eventually arriving in the Great Promised Land of Montclair, New Jersey. There he grew up to be a truly revolutionary publisher of such titles as The LA Star, Love Magazine, Hate, God, Finger, Meetings with Remarkable People, The Brentwood Bla Bla, Beverly Hills, the Magazine and many more, pioneering the first “reader-written” media which exploded in the Internet Age, becoming the behemoth we now call “social media.”

Max at age two, painted by a nun.

Max at age two, painted by a nun.

Always pushing the erotic envelope, in the early days, Max’s offices were often raided by the LAPD and FBI, and he was thrown in jail and even prison for his work, but he never stopped fighting for justice and freedom—his own and everybody else’s—overturning many antiquated, oppressive and downright ridiculous, anti-sex laws and practices in his newfound homeland of America.

Capt'n Max and the Bonoboville Land Yacht. Photo: Unscene Abe

Capt’n Max and the Bonoboville Land Yacht. Photo: Unscene Abe

Then one fine day in L.A., Max met me. The story of our almost 30-year romance deserves a holiday of its own. Suffice it to say, we fell in love, got married, fell more in love and, instead of starting a family, we started Bonoboville… and fell even more in love.

The Captain's Crew boards the Land Yacht. Photo: Abe

Ahoy there, Mate!  Photo: Abe

And Bonoboville surrounds us with even more love, as well as pleasure, art, music, communal ecstasy, RƎVO˩ution and plenty of fine alcohol and other mild intoxicants as we celebrate Capt’n Max’s inspirational life and good times. We begin with Max telling us his story, which really deserves a 20-part mini-series of its own (at least), but he manages to squeeze a few highlights into the first part of this show, riveting the Womb Room congregation with his tales of parodying Angie Dickenson (and overturning criminal libel law), mentoring Annie Sprinkle, being part of a family of revolutionaries, including Gaetano Filangieri, an ardent reformer who consulted with Benjamin Franklin, and much more.

Book-Spankings for the Captain's Crew! Photo: Ono Bo

Book-Spankings for the Captain’s Crew! Photo: Ono Bo

For his birthday last year, I gave Max The Bonobo Way (the “present” being that I finished the damn book so we could get our sex life back!). Thus it’s also the one-year anniversary of the launch of The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure, now with over 30 5-star reviews on Amazon! It’s been an amazing bonoboësque year, which I will take other bloggamies and shows to explore, though I do have a shout-out, a special bonobo hoot of love, for Dr. SerenaGaia Anderlini D’Onofrio who, after reading The Bonobo Way, asked me to write the foreword to Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires the Arts of Love and joined me in declaring 2015 the Year of the Bonobo.

Yale Navy loves Capt'n Max! Photo: L'Erotique

Yale Navy for Capt’n Max! Photo: L’Erotique

But this is the Night of Big Bonobo Capt’n Max, the Captain of My Heart (which is what it says inside his wedding ring), and this year my gift to him is the “land yacht” in the parking lot, which is actually a gift from an anonymous Bonobo Way reader (a secret lover!): the new Bonoboville big black super stretch limo! We invade it just before the show where the broadcast bed has been transformed into a sort of “bed yacht,” with most of the Bonoboville crew decked out in captain’s hats, sailors’ caps, striped shirts, white stockings and-revealing short skirts.

Swab those decks, sailors! Photo: Abe

Swab those decks, sailors! Photo: Abe

Max tells his galvanizing stories as friends and fans approach the Captain’s Chair with gifts, questions and toasts to his health, courage, creativity and longevity, a walking testament to the rejuvenating effects of living the Bonobo Way. Of course, this being Bonoboville, our toasts aren’t the boring old “regular” kind, but are delivered at the climactic point of Bonoboville Communion, just after licking a nipple, a butt, a clit, a wrist or perhaps a penis, and just before downing a shot of spiced Ron de Jeremy rum or Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur, our two favorite drinks.

Look who comes for the Ron de Jeremy rum. Photo: Abe

Look who comes for some Ron de Jeremy rum. Photo: Abe

First up is one of our longtime favorite pornstar power couples: Alexandra Silk and Luc Wylder, sex revolutionaries themselves, as well as IPSA-trained sex surrogates and producer/directors of their own new Adam & Eve series, “Confessions of a Sex Surrogate,” with their little pup Zen. Then musically talented Jessica Shores, a.k.a., J sho, creator of “Do the Miley Cyrus (Spread it Like a Virus),” gives Miley fan Max a sensuous sassy lapdance as we all twerk and sing along with her infectious song.

Ron Jeremy plays Happy Birthday Capt'n Max. Photo: L'erotqiue

Ron Jeremy plays Happy Birthday for the Captain Photo: L’erotqiue

The next guest is a lovely surprise, our old friend, Isiah Maxwell, a.k.a. Isiah King James IV, PR Prince of Ideal Image Models, who has been extremely busy with his skyrocketing career as one of the international adult industry’s hottest new studs, shooting in Spain and Africa (where he “sacrificed” a pig, at the request of the local tribe, before shooting a scene on their land).

Navy Hazing Ritual.  Photo: L'erotique

Navy Hazing Ritual. Photo: L’erotique

Isiah is also one of the stars of Luc and Silky’s Surrogate series and his company Ideal represents one of our favorite featured guests (as well as being a webcam and phone therapist with the Institute), all dolled up sailor-style, Dayton Rains. Both Alexandra and Dayton elect to take their Bonoboville Communion off of Isiah’s prodigious member—all 11 inches. It’s the big black super stretch limo of cocks!

Capt'n Max's Navy. Photo: Abe

Capt’n Max’s Navy. Photo: Abe

More toasts come forth from Jux Lii, Jack Nice, Sky and Chelsea Demoiselle (who provides the birthday balloons) calls in from “the field” to toast Max for being “a man of the highest honor and integrity… (who) had a profound impact on my life in a very positive way, and I love you dearly.”

Twerk for Me.  Photo: Abe

Twerk for Me. Photo: Abe

DrSuzy.Tv show producer Biz Bonobo, a.k.a. Elizabeth Aston is a delightful First Mate, Miss Ono Bo and Bonobo Rose do a mesmerizing twerking duet (it’s no-touch hoka-hoka!) in Max’s honor, Bonobo Way bookspankings slap jiggling butt cheeks, and Ikkor the Wolf toasts the Captain with several Green Cross specials, one of which winds up between Dayton’s legs, of course.

Bonobo Way Book-Spanking for J-Sho. Photo: L'Erotique

Bonobo Way Book-Spanking for J-Sho. Photo: L’Erotique

Then late into the wee hours, on Max’s actual birthday, who shows up to pay his respects to Capt’n Max but the Mayor of Bonoboville himself, the loveable namesake of our favorite rum, that household name we’ve both known almost as long as we’ve known each other: Ron Jeremy. Ron plays “Happy Birthday” (no longer owned by the Warner Brothers Mafia!) on his harmonica and talks surgeries with Max before attempting to play “Put the Man in the Boat” with any giggling sailor girl he can catch.

A little seasick? Photo: Abe

A little seasick? Photo: Abe

And on that note, I steer my Captain, my Prince and my baby boy (he held onto Sky’s gift of a vodka-filled baby bottle much of the evening) up the stairs and past an auspicious and unusual view of Jupiter above Venus above Mars above the crescent moon over Bonoboville, to our private chambers to give him a very personal present, bonobo-style.

Viva la RƎVO˩ution! Photo: Abe.

Viva la RƎVO˩ution! Photo: Abe.

Happy Birthday, Captain! My love and lust for you grows stronger every day. Viva la RƎVO˩ution!

Ecosexual Bonobo Ron Rum. Photo: Del Rey

Ecosexual Bonobo Ron Rum. Photo: Del Rey

© November 8, 2015. Susan Block, Ph.D., a.k.a. “Dr. Suzy,” is a world renowned LA sex therapist, author of The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure and horny housewife, occasionally seen on HBO and other channels. For speaking engagements, call 310-568-0066.

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  1. Max Bonoboville, Ca. says:
    10 November, 2015 at 3:00 pm
    I’ve had 72 birthdays and this was one of my favorite ones. Nobody showed up except for a few friends like Alexandra Silk, Luc Wylder, Jessica Shores, Dayton Rains, Isiah James IV, Jux Lii, Jack Nice, Serenity Smith, Tammie Parrot, Hollywood Jake, Ikkor and Ron Jeremy playing “Happy Bday” on his harmonica. Plus my beautiful DrSuzy.Tv producer Elizabeth Aston, Abraham Perez, Del Rey, Gonzo Bonobo, Ono Bo, Bonobo Rose, Ericka Lesa, Kenny Bono, Rokki Roquemore, Chels B. Nobo, Chelsea Raw and all the people sitting in the garden area.
    One of my favorite parts of the evening were the two beautiful twerking bonobos that made even Ron Jermey’s jaw drop down to the V of his crouch.
    I’m a very lucky man for all I have in life which is all the beauty that surrounds me. Thank you, my beautiful darling Dr. Suzy, and all the people I love for a wonderful 72nd birthday, I am deeply touched.
    See you in Bonoboville!

  2. Isiah says:

    thank you for having me!

  3. Dr. Mars says:

    Want to wish the amazing Capt’n Max a Joyous Birthday!

  4. Dearest Dr. Susan Block, Captain Max, and Chelsea Bonobo,

    I want to write to wish Captain Max the most super happiest and super marvelous birthday ever. I want to also write to thank you from the bottom of my heart sincerely not just for a radio show that celebrates love, sex and more. But also a show where we can stand up for what is right sincerely. In addition, I want to sincerely thank you for your commitment to helping me end bullying and bullycide sincerely. This is our mission and a mission that we can all win together.

    I cry every night whenever I think about the youth of America who are enduring this tragic nightmare every single day at school because of gender preference, religion and more. But I also have hope because of courageous citizens who speak out on such topics and to also show love and more that can win over the darkness and the evil that is out there. We are all children truly of sex and more.

    So from the bottom of my heart, thank you over and over and over again for what you are doing.

    Sincerely your fan and friend,
    Christopher C. Gagliardi

  5. Rose says:

    What a fun show- a perfect testament to Max’s ability to bring out the playful, erotic and free-spirited aspects of us all. It was so great to hear Max’s personal life stories which reveal so much about the evolution of the sexual (and non-sexual!) politics of this country. Being 26, I have grown up in an age saturated by sex (albeit within the context of our still incredibly puritanical culture)- but I took that access for granted and never put much thought into the effort and energy that pioneers like Max and Dr.Suzy put in, creating spaces for sexual freedom to reign and pornography, eroticism, masturbation, BDSM, kink, squirting(!) etc. to be brought “out of the Dark Ages” and acknowledged in a public way as normal, healthy, beneficial and AWESOME!

    I’m so grateful for what Capt’n Max and Dr. Suzy have done for our global society (and for humanity as a whole!) in their incredibly high integrity work towards making sex something to love and champion in a very visible way- fighting against the culture of sexual shame so many of us have grown up in and are in the process of transmuting. On a personal level (and amplified by the fact that I live and work in Bonoboville) I have been so deeply inspired (and aroused) by the work and dedication of Dr. Suzy and Capt’n Max promoting sexual liberation and the decriminalization of all of us who enjoy sex in a non-vanilla, non-PC, free-love, potentially anarchist fashion (haha.) I am amazed that I have the pleasure to participate in such an incredible cause and to work with such incredible people (and to twerk on stage for special occassions.)

    Toasts were so touching…show was so joyful- great birthday celebration. Here’s to Capt’n Max! And here’s to the beautiful example of love and commitment I am delighted to witness between Max and Dr. Suzy, every day. Cheers! Your love is truly inspiring.

    :) love, rose

  6. Happy birthday Capt Max!!! I owe him kisses.

  7. Corpsy says:

    Wish I could have gone :(((( You and Max are the TITS!… Literally. Hugs and Corpses and happy rebirth day from Corpsy Rhine and Girls and Corpses Magazine And remember, Max, you’re not getting older… you’re getting hornier.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAX!! All the best! – H.

  9. Scott Arnold says:

    Happy birthday my old friend!

  10. Great show! Suzy can sure helm a birthday party!

  11. One of the things I enjoy in these photos is the feminine freedom of not pretending to be demure for the benefit of men and the men’s acceptance of real women being themselves without apology. There are no human shields here which is incredibly refreshing. Imagine a world of loving sexuality, consensual, but without all the hidden agendum. Imagine respect without repression. Imagine a world which finally says no weapons, no wars where we all win and are free to love genuine people and accept that we are part of nature rather than its rulers. In these pictures and shows we see a glimpse into how that world could be. I wish this micro example could become the macro norm.

  12. Jack Nice says:

    my first bonoboville communion lol I wasn’t quite sure what to do but it turned out fun lol

  13. What a amazing night in Bonoboville!! Thank you Dr Suzy!!!! Had a blast!!! Great seeing my man Ron Jeremy!!! and Happy Birthday Max!!!

  14. Serenity says:

    A magical night of course! Felt good 2 be there @Bonoboville … Happy B Day Capt Max! Xoxo

  15. Ono Bo says:

    What an excellent way to celebrate Cap’t Max’s birthday and the one year anniversary of The Bonobo Way! Cap’t Max joined his love Dr. Suzy and reflected on his life endeavors and his fight for all of us to celebrate our bodies and sexuality through (pornographic!) images. Its absolutely dysphoric to think about our rights to express ourselves through photography and video being threatened. Thank you Cap’t Max for all of the time you have dedicated over the years, putting yourself on the line, so we can continue to heal and experience sexuality in many different ways! Dr. Suzy and Cap’t Max are romantic revolutionaries, with love for themselves, each other and everyone around them.

  16. As we sail away on the maiden voyage of the SS Bonobo (our new land yacht), I can take a look around and realize how much our community is thriving and growing! With Bonobos old and new, we celebrated the incredible heritage of our fearless Captain Max on his special day, and once again we shared in the joys of the occasion.

    Max is an inspiring and subversive character. As he regales us with stories of controversy, corruption & compassion, I realize how impactful his life has been so far. By living his life out loud, Max helps me understand the importance in standing up for my beliefs, having an opinion, and voicing it.

    Pr Max & Dr Suzy, thank you for providing this platform where we can make a difference and be heard. Best Bonobo Birthday to you, with many more to come!!

  17. Del Rey says:

    ♪ Happy birthday to you! ♬
    ♫ Happy birthday to you! ♩
    ♬ We can sing this to Capt’n Max, ♫
    ♩ And Warner can’t sue. ♪

    Seriously Capt’n Max,
    You mean so much to so many people, in Bonoboville and beyond. Thanks for bringing together so many
    SEX RƎVO˩UTIONARIES (with a special bday shout out for tonight’s guests; Alexandra Silk, Luc Wylder, and J-Sho), for fighting for our freedom of speech and for being the radical publisher that you are. Much <3, and respect.

    Del Rey.

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