Louboutins, Communion, Sybian, Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur, Ron de Jeremy Rum, Book-Spanking Dayton Rains & Jeanie Marie on DrSuzy.Tv!

Helane with her "Bonobo Suzy" drawing & The Bonobo Way, Jeanie Marie with Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur, Dr. Susan Block with gourd, Dayton Rains with Ron de Jeremy Rum, James Dickson & Elizabeth Aston with The Bonobo Way. Photo: RingoShotYou

Helane with her “Bonobo Suzy” drawing & The Bonobo Way, Jeanie Marie with Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur, Dr. Susan Block with gourd, Dayton Rains with Ron de Jeremy Rum, James Dickson & Elizabeth Aston. Photo: RingoShotYou

Length 1:49:13 Date: September 19, 2015


by Dr. Susan Block

It’s the cusp of the Fall Equinox, but it still feels like the Bonobo Summer of Love here in the Womb Room, and oh my goddesses, is it hot… in more ways than one. My first featured guest is Jeanie Marie, adult star, budding film director and Jack the Zipper protégé. Decked out for her first trip to Bonoboville, Jeanie takes the stage in shiny black patent Christian Louboutin peep-toe stiletto high heels with signature crimson-lacquered “Sammy Red-Bottoms,” a little black couture dress trimmed in glamorous ostrich feathers and artfully applied crimson glitter lipstick with matching eye shadow, plus more sparkles spangling her high cheekbones.

More than a fashion plate, Jeanie’s artistic passion is to create films that convey the beauty of female sexuality, and we give her one of our telltale white envelopes containing a secret award from the Bonobo Way Female Empowerment Outreach Project, made possible in this auspicious Year of the Bonobo by an anonymous Bonobo Way reader and philanthropist.

Jeanie Marie's Louboutins and Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur. Photo: RingoShotYou

Jeanie Marie’s Louboutins and Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur. Photo: RingoShotYou

Jeanie was born for porn in Sin City, Las Vegas. Sexually precocious, she lost her virginity at an after-school orgy that she organized herself with some of the local boys, a few short years before she jumped into porn, literally, on her 18th birthday. Despite (or maybe partly because of) her wild ways, Jeanie believes in God, especially God’s forgiveness, and she’s proud of having been confirmed just before that fateful cherry-popping party. Good Catholic girl that she was raised to be, Jeanie gets right into Bonoboville Communion, doffing her top to present her big, bouncy, baby-bottle-nippled boobs as an altar for DrSuzy.Tv show producer Biz Bonobo, a.k.a. Elizabeth Aston, and me to commune, worship, lick, suck and savor.

President Bill loves Ron de Jeremy rum. Photo: Gunther Hendrix

President Billy Jeff loves Ron de Jeremy rum. Photo: Gunther Hendrix

This is a very special Bonoboville Communion, as our cups overfloweth, and so doth our shot glasses, since both Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur and Ron de Jeremy rum delivered bottles of their delicious elixirs to the Villa Bonobo just the day before the show. So it’s a full Open Bar with the best rum and herbal liqueur in the land!

Sip Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur while reading The Bonobo Way. Photo: Gunther Hendrix.

Sip Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur while reading The Bonobo Way. Photo: Gunther Hendrix.

Speaking of which, our beloved bartender is back from Texas, and we welcome home Handsome Hollywood Jake. Another award recipient, the talented artist Helane, author of A Drawing a Day, here with our bitcoin buddy Joseph, gives and receives Communion with her lovely, large naturals and, while in the studio audience, draws an extraordinary cartoon of me as a bonobo. Wild!

Jeanie Marie rides the Sybian in her Louboutins! Photo: RingoShotYou

Jeanie Marie rides the Sybian in her Louboutins! Photo: RingoShotYou

From Louboutins to Communion, and now onto the Sybian, Jeanie goes on a wild ride. Just as she breaks into orgasm, in skips another Bonobo Way Female Empowerment award recipient, the delightfully daffy Dayton Rains, bringing gifts, including a handmade bonobo doll with a glittery banana. She also brings her pal James Dickson, an amiable young man with an extremely cheerful demeanor, especially considering he recently lost the lower half of his right leg in a motorcycle accident. That doesn’t stop him from taking Bonoboville Communion from Dayton’s massive boobs nor offering up his third leg as an altar for Dayton to suck her Communion. Houston, we have penis!

Suck my gourd :) Photo: RingoShotYou

Suck my gourd :) Photo: RingoShotYou

Speaking of penises, despite the summery weather, we do have a new autumnal gourd that is shaped remarkably like one. From some angles, it actually looks like a jolly green brontosaurus. But mostly, it resembles a giant phallus the color of the outside of a watermelon with extremely engorged balls, and it appears to be genetically engineered, though stranger fruit have appeared in nature. The stem looks a bit like a spurt of prehistoric green ejaculate petrified mid-spurt. That stem makes it difficult to suck, so Jake cuts it off, which provokes unnerving comparisons to circumcision, but it does give it a nice smooth head to the thing, which the ladies appreciate, as they take turns sucking my gourd, as well as each other’s nipples, the Bill Clinton dildo (covered by a green Glyde America cruelty-free, all-vegan condom) and James’ happy Dick(son).

Bonobo Limo! Photo: Gonzo Bnoobo

Bonobo Limo! Photo: Gonzo Bnoobo

From the Sybian to motorcycles to… Dude, where’s my limo? Yes indeed, Bonoboville just received a limo, a gift from another anonymous fan. So we’ve got The Bonobo Way which you can read. We’ve got Bonoboville where you can socialize. We’ve got Villa Bonobo where you can stay. And now we’ve got Bonobo Limo (the Bonobomobile?) where you can ride… and even party like a bonobo in the backseat.

Bonobo Way Book-Spanking for Dayton Rains. Photo: Gunther Hendrix

Bottoms Up for Dayton Rains’ Bonobo Way Book-Spanking  Photo: Gunther Hendrix

Shout-out to Institute therapist Chelsea Demoiselle, up in the woods where limos can’t go, plus a Bonobo Way book-spanking for Dayton’s tardiness.

Agwa Halloween! Photo: RingoShotYou

Agwa Halloween! Photo: RingoShotYou

We’re treated to a visit from adorable little Yenta and her human, Luzer Twersky, Ikkor the Wolf at the bar, and Capt’n Max and Jack the Zipper share an impromptu tribute to our long-time friend Long Jean Silver, amputee porn pioneer (still kicking… at least with one leg), and our late great friend Frank Moore whose ability to incorporate his so-called “disabilities” into his art was key to making him a great artist. What others perceive as weakness can often be turned into a strength. It’s the Tao of Bonobo.

Jack the Zipper, Jeanie Marie, Dr. Susan Block, Dayton Rains, James Dickson, Biz Bonobo, Del Rey. Photo: RingoShotYou

Jack the Zipper, Jeanie Marie, Dr. Susan Block, Dayton Rains, James Dickson, Biz Bonobo, Del Rey. Photo: RingoShotYou

© September 20, 2015. Susan Block, Ph.D., a.k.a. “Dr. Suzy,” is a world renowned LA sex therapist, author of The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure and horny housewife, occasionally seen on HBO and other channels. For speaking engagements, call 310-568-0066.


#FreeTheNipple (and the vulva) ! Photo: Gunther Hendrix

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  1. Sergio says:

    me gutierrez pretty baby!

  2. I think that’s always a wonderful show.Doctor Susan and you’re very creative.I’d like to participate in the show sometime.(^_-)-☆

  3. tee hee! Hope to see you again sometime. Looks like things haven’t changed much!

  4. Dayton Rains says:

    Thank you so much for being your amazing self’s Dr. Suzy and RadioSUZY1 !

  5. What’s great show indeed. And from the fabulous glamorous and glamorously decked out beauties to the roaringly hilarious gourd gobbling stories, I’m loving this week’s bloggamy blog for all the right reasons.

    Great to have Hollywood Jake back fm Tx he must’ve pumped his buff shit up building houses xo. And blows a kiss along this bonobo way to Ikkor the Wolf too.

    Yes I see the wisdom to the term pro-sex; I agree with Dr Suzy sex-positive sounds like a test result. Anyways, trimming hilarios photo of Clinton dildo wrapped in a condom. (Yay to Glyde America the vegan company!!)

    RingoShotYou and GuntherHendrix photogenic did one hell of a job even tho it could be argued that the subject matter could not be shot wrong. Geeeez!!!! Delicious Louise!!!

    Congrats to this week’s recipients of the Bonobo Way Female Empowerment Outreach Prigram. Use it powerfully and symbolically.

    Lovely limo befitting Bonoboville!!!

    Thanks for the mention yes I’m doing some remote um fieldwork which is partly why I’m typing this msg on my iPhone today. Off the grid but civilized enough to be taking therapy AND webcam calls for DSBI. 310-568-0066. Additionally, new free classifieds are UP so be the ground breakers and put up your ads today.

    To anyone reading this we are all still aglow from Saturday night’s awesome semi-conclusion to Bonobo Summer of Love show and after party but do hop over to Bonoboville.com and say hello there too. (After you post your comment here of course!)

    Love and Bonobo Light Always,

  6. I agree with Max: The more Pro-Sex, the better!
    Guests like Jeanie Marie remind us that our bodies are something to be proud of, something to celebrate, and also…to enjoy. Jeanie’s inspiring story of her ambitious sexual endeavors proves that we are all children of sex – some more than others. No amount of Catholic shame was going to keep her down, and there is no holding holding back an empowered woman like Jeanie Marie.

    James Dickson taught us about accepting ourselves and loving our bodies as well. He bravely shared his story of his recent alteration, and it pleases me greatly to know he has faith in himself and in the adult entertainment industry that they will accept his forthcoming hi-tech, super custom turbo leg.

    Dayton brought us all joy…as she always does <3 We always adore her generous spirit and playful antics. And hooray for bringing blowjobs to Bonoboville!! Just in time to whip out our gourds for the Autumn Equinox…

    We will have a veritable cornucopia of fun this Fall! Stay tuned in & turned on ;)

  7. Great show Dr. Suzy. You always have some of the most beautiful women in the world around. I want to thank a very special friend who gifted us this beautiful old limo to drive the bonobos around town with. Funny, it’s actually very efficient since it can carry 9 people. Better than three regular Ubers. I’m also excited about people who are organizing Bonobo Peace Armies, pro-sex communities as apposed to “Sex Positive”. We need to be sex positive but we really need to step out of the closet and be pro-sex if we want change.

  8. Dr. Susan Block, chelsea bonoboville and to all the gang at the show:

    You always give the most amazing shows in radio, and more importantly inspire us to enjoy love and life to it’s fullest. Your support to end bullying and bullycide especially with my petition being talked about from time to time, has moved my soul sincerely. 1,385 people have signed the petition and also enjoy your program.

    My heart leaps as I write this and I want to once again say, thank you to you from the bottom of my heart sincerely. You have a lot of love from New Jersey sincerely. Let’s keep the mission going and especially call for bullying and bullycide to end once and for all. :)

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