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Kink Month continues with KinkStars this Saturday, Ecosexuality Book Award, Anal Tips Anytime & Halloween the Bonobo Way!

Celebrate Kink Month and FALL into The Bonobo Way


Kinkstars 10/10 on DrSuzy.Tv!

Kinkstars Simon Blaise, Audrey Holiday & Dayton Rains this Saturday! To RSVP Call 310.568.0066, Studio members are free. Deets here.


Anal from the Annals!

Dr. Susan Block gives some awesome Anal Tips to Tony & Vivian on this kinky vintage Sex Calls clip. Watch Now. Note:Sex Calls” are not therapy sessions. Need a private session? Call 213.291.9497.

Loni rides the Mad X Bike into ecstasy. Photo: L'Erotique

Kink Month Kick Off on DrSuzy.Tv

Loni Legend returns to Bonoboville to kick off Kink Month with Dr. Suzy & mystery man Brock Doom + Dayton Rains, riding the Mad X Bike into a thunderous kink-erific orgasm. For more, click here


Need to Talk Anal?

Alternet‘s 9 Ways to Make Anal Sex More Pleasurable by Carrie Weisman features an interview with Dr. Susan Block. which was picked up by SALON! Need to talk about the ins and outs of anal sex? Call us right now or anytime: 213-291-9497.

without Borders | Radio without Boundaries


Living Now Book Award!

Ecosexuality: When Nature Inspires The Arts of Love has just been awarded the bronze Living Now Book Award!

This collection includes a foreward by Dr. Susan Block, writings by co-editors Dr. SerenaGaia and Lindsay Hagamen, as well as Sabine Lichtenfels, Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Monet, Kamala Devi, Beth Stephens, Charles Eisenstein, Gabriela Cordova, Isis Phoenix, Jennifer Reed and many more!

Love the Earth You Make Love On! Get dirty with this Earth-shaking collection today.

Become a Phone Sex Therapist

Do you have a great voice & enjoy talking about sexuality? Become a phone sex therapist.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ‘s for The Bonobo Way

“”An impactful, often hilarious how-to guide for humans to learn from the libidinous bonobos (that) just might hold the key to world peace…” —Steve Karras

Join the social RƎVO˩ution in Bonoboville, Read The Bonobo Way!

From cover to cover, learn about the bonobos, peace, sexuality, and more. The critically acclaimed book has been praised by porn-stars and professors alike. Order your copy today and discover why.

Therapy Spotlight: Spanking

Does a good kinky THWACK on your cheeks send tingles up your spine? Need to talk about your OTK experiences? Speak with our therapists and learn how to enjoy your this pleasure with your partner or just in fantasy. Call 213.291.9497. <Read More>


Featured Therapist: Aaliyah

For kinky telephone sex therapy or webcam with Aaliyah call the Dr. Susan Block Institute: 213.291.9497. 

Need to talk with someone about something (maybe something kinky) you can’t talk about with anyone else, you can talk with us.  Call us anytime. We’re here for you.

Dr. Suzy's Clip-o-Rama
Dr. Susan Block’s Clip-O-Rama XXX Theater


Welcome to Clip-O-Rama

A revolutionary clip-site with a library of videos for all kinks and fetishes. Enjoy the XXX theater, which feature the likes of Deauxma, Bonnie Rotten and more.

Clip-O-Rama, brand spanking good!

can I please cum

Now playing: Please Can I Cum?

Please Can I Cum is a kinky clip featuring Ian Rath and Jessi Palmer. Now playing in the Clip-O-Rama Theater, this gem is from the Block Studio archives.


Wanted: Live-In Web Dev

Jack hit the jackpot, so now Bonoboville needs a new Live-In Web Dev. If you qualify, please apply. Call 310-568-0066.

BDSM THEATER on DrSuzy.Tv with Luzer Twersky and The Bonobo Way, Audrey Holiday with DDI, Orpheus Black, Dr. Susan Block, Goddess Soma Snakeoil, Wendels with Ron de Jeremy Rum, Ikkor (Bottom Row) Aaliyah Corsets, Hollywood Jake, Fat Mike of NoFX & Home Street Home. Photo: Jux Lii

BDSM Theater & Edgeplay

Do not try this at home! We start with the poetry of BDSM & sensual spanking, but get edgy as hooded piggy Audrey & Orpheus Black connect for the first time. Goddess Soma & Fat Mike of NOFX bring Home Street Home to Bonoboville.& so much more…

Greatest Sexuality Show on Earth!

RSVP for an evening of pleasure by the palm trees, 310-568-0066.Take Bonoboville Communion with us, and get a studio membership! Never be bored on Saturday nights again. Keep up with Bonoboville on Meetup

Studio members can attend for free.

Can’t join us In the flesh? Listen FREE on your cell phone, watch on demand, or chat during the Live-stream in the Bonoboville.com studio!

Have a question for Dr. Suzy or her guests? Ask via Skype: 213-599-7398 Or call 310-568-0066 / 1-866-289-7068. Twitter via: @RadioSUZY1 or @DrSuzy.

Surround yourself with good.

Halloween In BonoBOOville!

Join Elizabeth Aston & Dayton Rains for a Bonoboville HalloweenRSVP: 310.568.0066, Studio members are FREE. Deets here.

“Kinky Newlyweds” SEX CALLS

Kinky Newlyweds with Irene & Evan, is an intimate conversation from the SEX CALLS archives. Dr. Suzy helps this young couple iron out the bad kinks so they can better enjoy the good kinks!

The Bonobo Way Experience!

Keep up to date with the greatest sexuality show on earth. Already a Block Studio member? RSVP: Call 310-568-0066. Release your inner bonobo Saturday 10:30pm.

Can’t wait? Watch the archive on DrSuzy.Tv right now.  Join Meetup for our full calendar and experience the Bonobo Way live in Bonoboville.

Let’s Get Spooky

What is the Alchemy of Scary Sex? “A pinch of fear is a turn-on, like spice in your enchilada,” says Dr. Suzy. “Too much spoils the meat.”

Get ready for Halloween with this enlightening & somewhat unnerving article, as well as Scary Sex: A Halloween Poem this spooky season & join us for Halloween in BonoBOOville on 10/31/15!


Why wait? Call right now.

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