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Join us for this Saturday’s Dr. Susan Block Show live from Bonoboville with Jessica Shores, Kim Airs & Jessica Fappit. RSVP Here or Call 310-568-0066.


“I love, love, love the Bonobo Way”

…says Dr. Darrel Ray in his review of The Bonobo Way“Recondite & sublime,” says Yallie Gerard Weaver. pushing the book to over 30+ ★★★★★ reviews. Get your own copy of the Bonobo Way today and book-spank someone happy, then come celebrate the “Year of the Bonobo” with us in Bonoboville.

Capt'n Max's after-party moment. Photo: Abe Bonoboville toasts Capt’n Max!

All hands were on deck for Big Bonobo Capt’n Max. This B-day communion includes Bonoboville Mayor Ron Jeremy, sex surrogates Alexandra Silk & Luc Wylder, as well as sexy rapper Jessica Shores + Institute therapists Rose, Ono & Dayton Rains.  >>DEETS for the peeps!

G-Spot Brand Apparel on Biz Bonobo with Mad X Bike & Ron De Jeremy Rum, Dayton Rains with The Bonobo Way & Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur, Dr. Susan Block, Ikkor the Wolf, Aaliyah Corsets with Gree Cross. Photo: Ono Bo. Inserts: Chelsea Demoiselle at Sex-Positive Portland "Slutty Prom" and "Peace in Paris." The G-spot of Peace through Pleasure

Dr. Suzy’s speakeasy squirts into action with talk about G-spot Brand Apparel, Biz’s wild Mad X Bike ride & Dayton Rain’s glistening g-spot.


Wanted: Live-In Web Dev

Jack hit the jackpot, so now Bonoboville needs a new Live-In Web Dev. If you qualify, please apply. Call 310-568-0066.

without Borders | Radio without Boundaries

Alternet-Queef-shutterstock_62261887 AlterNet: Queefing & You

Dr. Susan Block tells you everything you wanted to know about queefing in Carrie Weisman’s new article How to Get Down With Sexual Embarrassment (also picked up in SALON). Need to talk about queefing, squirting or other aspects of sex? Call 213.291.9497

Fiance-Threesome_Kelly_Dr-Susan-Block_play Sex Calls: Fiancé Threesome

Dr. Suzy’s prep for a threesome: talk about it, get social, practice safe sex. SEX CALLS are not actual therapy sessions. For a private session call 310.568.0066.

Spotlight Therapy: Group Sex

Do you yearn for a group sex experience? A bit bi-curious? Speak to our group sexperts & one-on-one phone sex therapists about MFM threesomes, cuckolding, orgy fantasies & more! Call now: 213-291-9497.


Featured Therapist: Ono

New to the Institute, Ono is a therapist of mystery and is available to speak with you about your deepest fantasies, your pleasures, fetishes & so much more. ➤ Speak with Ono by calling 213.291.9497. Available for phone as well as webcam.

The Institute presents SEX CALLS

…from the Dr. Susan Block Show archives.

Dr. Suzy's Clip-o-Rama
Dr. Suzy’s Clip-O-Rama XXX Theater


Bonnie Rotten at 18

Advanced pole dancer Bonnie (2014 AVN Female Performer of the Year) gives the speakeasy a striptease. Watch now in the xXx theater.

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The Captain's Crew boards the Land Yacht. Photo: Abe

All Aboard! Now Booking Guests

Ready to set sail? Professors, porn stars, & sexperts too, the Dr. Susan Block Show is booking guests for upcoming shows. For more info, tweet to RadioSuzy1 or call 310-568-0066 and ask for Biz.

Greatest Sexuality Show on Earth!

Take Bonoboville Communion with us, and get a studio membership! RSVP for an evening of pleasure by the palm trees, and never be bored on Saturday night again. Call 310-568-0066 now.

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Agitate the Masses

Watch shows from the Block Studio Archive on DrSuzy.Tv. From Patti Britton & Hudsy Hawn to Bonnie Rotten with a Hitachi magic wand, Dr. Suzy’s groundbreaking clips are what wet dreams are made of.

Surround yourself with good.

We’re the Rumble in the Jungle…

The moan in the other room and we’re on a mission of Peace through pleasure. Bonoboville is where we commune, and share our photosstories and more.

Be part of this global village, inspired iby Dr. Susan Block’s book, The Bonobo Way, real life bonobos, as well as bonoboësque icons, authors and pornstars too.

Want to support this revolutionary movement? You can!

Photos of The Bonobo Way Launch Party by Jux Lii, Felix, Ron Lyon, Keerthi, Nisreen

Bonobo Way 1st Anniversary!

It’s been a year since Dr. Suzy launched The Bonobo Way, sharing a Bonoboville of ways to release your inner bonobo; 5-Star reviews (over 30+!), book-spankings, interviews & the amazing reader-supported Bonobo Way Female Empowerment Outreach Project, empowering individual women & helping to save the wild bonobos. The message of peace through pleasure is catching fire! Order The BONOBO WAY today.


The God Virus

Has religion infected your life, and those around you? Darrel W. Ray Ed.D, a psychologist,  takes a close look at this subject in his timely book The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture.  The book is a response to a “need for a simple and practical understanding of religious mechanics,” according to the author.

Enjoy this and other recommended readings from Dr. Susan Block via Block Books.  Good Reading!

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