Get A Sense Of Humor America…Japan Has!

Your probably wondering why I titled this “Get A Sense Of America…Japan Has”. To get your attention of course, but there more. We can accept women in chains, handcuffs, whips, candle wax & even WRAPPED in duct tape in various fetishes. When it comes to sploshing “a.k.a.” the wet & messy, the adult industry are afraid to embrace it. What is there to be a afraid seeing a woman getting pied in the face, on the ass or all over her body. Is even getting completely covered in chocolate, paint, mud & etc.? There’s nothing violent about it. I hate to put it this way, but the Japanese has a far better sense of humor when it comes to sploshing & has embraced it. In Japan it’s a huge fetish & it can become a big fetish in the United States.

But why isn’t it? Well to many using sex appeal is sexist & degrading to women in any & all forms. In this day & age women in professional jobs, sports & or even television people that report news, weather or even do shopping channels think that the product, the show itself or a service should sell itself. They feel using an attractive woman & putting her in a mini-skirt, biniki, something really tight & revealing or even nude is wrong. But political correctness reigns supreme in that aspect. Going back to adult fetishes in the way of sploshing, a lot of women have serious hang ups but doing a fetish that will get them messy. A lot of prissy women in this business & other feamle models are too modest, too shy & too vain. From petite to BBW, from the legal age of 18 to GILF, whatever race, whatever your hair color. If you can have fun with yourself & show others that you are fun, sexy, full of life & game for just about anything within legal reason than you should have no problem doing sploshing.

Now for those who are afraid of watching women make a mess of themselves, I have one question…why? If you watch “The Three Stooges” or any classic comedy show or movie. Maybe even circus clowns having a pie fight or women in bikinis wrestling in mud, jello. It’s like mixing the best of all worlds with adult erotica thrown in. The thing that gets me is if crappy, useless reality television shows can be hits & be accepted, then why can’t slapstick & have women having fun making a mess.
You can’t say that seeing woman totally nude covered in whipped cream pies, covered in green “cake batter” slimed or covered from head to toe in sweet chocolate doesn’t turn you on. An open society with vaccum sealed minds is a dangerous thing.
I’ve been told many that doing “sploshing” is a total waste of time & space in adult entertainment. If I can get this in the Japanese market right now, I would happy man. Currently no one has guts to help me tap this market or open people minds in the Untied States.

Check out this video link below of an average everyday American blue collar married couple with a naked housewife showing that taking pies in the face can be fun for any woman in any size & shape. If it doesn’t play right here than just copy & paste in the URL section & hit enter & it should play. Time to breakdown the barriers that “political correctness” has done in the adult entertainment industry & in entertainment in general. I believe women are at there sexiest while being at there messiest. Check out some pics I’ve posted as well to drive the point home. Thank You!


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