FAPPIT: Masturbation Not Occupation, Charlie Sheen’s Whore-Shaming, Sex Toys, Holy Water, Germ Warfare & Conflict Resolution, the Bonobo Way

Ono Bo with Ron de Jeremy Rum, Jessica Fappit with the Bonobo Way, Dr. Susan Block with My First G-Spot Vibe, Biz Bonobo with Buttplug, Kim Airs with Bubble Love. Row 2: Bonobo Rose, Dayton Rains with Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur. Photo: Unscene Abe. Inserts: Miley Cyrus, Charlie Sheen on the cover of Helane's "A Drawing A Day" & Capt'n Max

Ono Bo with Ron de Jeremy Rum, Jessica Fappit with the Bonobo Way, Dr. Susan Block with My First G-Spot Vibe, Biz Bonobo with Buttplug, Kim Airs with Bubble Love. Row 2: Bonobo Rose, Dayton Rains with Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur. Photo: Unscene Abe. Inserts: Miley Cyrus, Charlie Sheen on the cover of Helane’s “A Drawing A Day” & Capt’n Max

Length 1:35:43 Date: November 21, 2015

by Dr. Susan Block

There’s a war going on, the latest maneuver in the old Perma-War on Terror. From stark Biblical deserts to bustling world-class cities, bombs are falling, refugees fleeing, innocents being massacred, citizens panicking, politicians posturing and great clashes of force commanding the world stage. In the Womb Room, often serving as a Commedia Erotica microcosm of the universe, we have our own little “clash of force” on this particular show, and it’s kind of a doozy. Conflict erupts, tempers flare, words wound and patience runs as thin as a condom stretched over an elephant penis. But we find our way to “peace through pleasure” pretty damn quickly, with the help of some fine erotic entertainment, sensuous sex toys, friendly libations, wet naked fun and the Bonobo Way.

Unfortunately, our political leaders are more likely to read The Art of War (a great book, actually) than The Bonobo Way. Maybe that’s why the only ones to “win” these wars are the arms dealers. Bombs, guns and the occasional explosive soda-can-that-blew-up-airliner are the delectable fetish objects of the military mind.

Calm before the storm. Photo: Ono Bo

Calm before the storm. Photo: Ono Bo

Guns and bombs are humanity’s favorite way to destroy ourselves and our “values.” But never underestimate the devastating power of the humble germ, in this case, a vile flu, which strikes Capt’n Max and I with equal force (this is where the blessings of intimacy become a distinct liability), an almost utterly incapacitating bronchial invasion of foreign forces. Almost, but not quite, and the show must go on, as do we, dragging ourselves from the sick bed to the broadcast bed, though we are careful not to swap spit or even get close to anyone, which creates our first challenge: doing a show about closeness without getting close.

Fortunately, we have some fun guests: Jessica Fappit (who makes us want to “fap it”), a lovely, lapsed Catholic transwoman longing to transform porn is first on the bed. We meet Ms. Fappit through Bonoboville’s star art photographer and Jux Leather craftsman, Jux Lii, also on this show, plus my old friend sex toy doyenne  and motorcycle mama Kim Airs, as well as our own Dayton Rainswebcam and phone therapist with the Institute—and DrSuzy.Tv show producer Biz Bonobo, a.k.a. Elizabeth Aston.

Bubble Love. Photos: Ono Bo

We start with one of the few local news items that’s managed to knock the frantic terrorism coverage off the front page for a few seconds last week: Charlie Sheen coming clean. I give the man props for being honest about his HIV status (finally, after four years of hiding and doling out hush money to extortionists), thereby lending his famous profile to this much misunderstood disease, and certainly helping others similarly diagnosed to feel less shame. But why did he have to throw his former sex worker pals under the bus on his way into Matt Lauer’s holier-than-whores Today Show Confessional?

I guess he, or his publicist, thought it would be a good move, and that’s sad. Not as big a deal as dropping bombs, of course, but still, sad. There’s an excellent Daily Beast article by Samantha Allen that deals with this subject much more lucidly than I possibly can in this rambling, flu-ish post-show blog. Though for us, it’s a bit personal. Here on DrSuzy.Tv, we’ve cheered Charlie Sheen in his madness, his genius, his Heidi Fleiss years, his meltdown, his 9/11 conspiracy theories, his Tiger Blood, his winning and his losing. But no more. Not until he apologizes for calling sex workers “unsavory and insipid types (with) saltless reputations,” or at least clarifies how he was wronged. And what the Mrs. Dash is a “saltless reputation” anyway? Need more MSG in that tiger blood cocktail?

Capt'n Max, Thunder God. Photo: L'Erotique

Capt’n Max, Thunder God. Photo: L’Erotique

Many in the sex industry—and a couple of people visiting the Womb Room—know Mr. Sheen and/or have procured erotic services for him, so everyone has something to say on this subject, and some of us excitedly babble on about it, until Capt’n Max thunders his grave, gruff and deeply congested displeasure with the whole Hollywood topic, especially in light of all the world crises. I understand his points, but I’m miffed at the way he roars them down upon my poor, Sudafed-head like an angered and stuffy Adonai in the Old Testament. So I have my own meltdown, which consists of leaving my guests on the bed and pouting in the audience for a minute as the Womb Room gasps, titters and whispers nervously over the uncertain fate of our Saturday night.

Check out the archive and you’ll see—live and unedited!—how we somehow overcome our own mini clash of antihistemined forces without firing a shot… well, maybe a squirt. Instead, a tense and sniffly truce is forged in a lusty round of Bonoboville Communion (sadly, I can’t physically partake but I get a contact high of bonobo love) with spiced Ron de Jeremy rum, Agwa, plenty of salt for those “saltless reputations,” plus lots of luscious bare boobs and one split beaver (Dayton’s).

Sword-Swallowing 101.  Photos: Ono Bo

Cute as a bunny in her rabbit ears, hot pink bra and lacy panty set, Jessica Fappit is here to open the porn industry’s eyes to a “different” kind of transwoman, one who is *more* woman than the proverbial “chick with a dick” (to contrast, we check out Miley Cyrus in full breast-form-and-strap-on regalia). Demonstrating one of her many uber-feminine skills, Jessica astounds the Womb Room by swallowing a 14-inch dildo almost balls deep down her throat—twice! The second time, this Eve gives herself an “Adam’s apple” with the head. Hey Porn Valley: Jessica Fappit may not be your typical TS cockswoman, but she’s got talent. She’s also got fans. Book this gal!

Free the Nipple & Fap It! Photo: Unscene Abe

Free the Nipple & Fap It! Photo: Unscene Abe

Speaking of oral sex, Kim Airs opens up her big bag of sex toys, to produce a We-Vibe-like vibrator that wraps around your cheek to produce a buzzing blowjob to blow your partner’s mind. It looks a bit like an orthodontic device, but hey, there’s a fetish for that. Kim’s biggest sex toy sensation is a “Bubble Love” portable Jacuzzi jet which we demonstrate right in the Womb Room, bringing in a makeshift bathtub filled with baptismal holy water that Dayton dunks her naked self into, and fortunately it doesn’t tip over, despite all the rambunctious bubbling and squirting going on. Kim also donates a “My 1st G-Spot Massager” which, though certainly not our first, is pretty nifty because it lights up at the tip, to help the handler see the G-Spot as they’re stimulating it. Speaking of the G-Spot, on this show, a couple of our stuffed bonobos are stylin’ in G-Spot Brand caps and shirts. Think Inside the Box, baby.


Some of my homeboys. Photos: Unscene Abe

And with a few Bonobo Way bookspankings on well-rounded rumps, and gymnastic hijinks with old friends of Bonoboville behind the bar (shout outs to Nori, Nick Morningwood, Handsome Hollywood Jake and Chelsea in the Field), conflict becomes Commedia Erotica, Bonoboville’s special form of pro-sex Commedia Dell’arte. Even the salty Captain and I come together in our final words of the show, so you’ll want to stay tuned to the end for that, and then, well, kiss-and-make-up sex is the best, even when your orgasm is more like a coughing attack.

Behind-the-Bar. Photo: Suzy

Behind-the-Bar Bunny Fun. Photo: Suzy

Remember this: Figuring that stoking people’s religious fires would be a good way to fight “the Commies,” U.S. President Ronald Reagan created the Taliban and gave aid to Osama bin Laden, spawning Al Qaeda to fight the Russians so America could “win” the Cold War. Then 9/11 happened, and George W. Bush and Dick Cheney created the monster we call ISIS by invading Iraq for no discernible reason except to satisfy Defense Industry cronies, decimating that once relatively liberal country and unleashing “terrorists” around the world like a split tomato releases its seeds.

What we can accomplish if we try! Photo: Unscene Abe

What we can accomplish if we try! Photo: Unscene Abe

No war is won without great loss. The only way not to lose a war is not to fight it. So what to do about ISIS? Peace through pleasure could be our answer. We live in a society that glorifies the power of violence. Yet the power to give pleasure is the greatest power we have. It’s what I call the Bonobo Way. It may involve the pleasure of sex or just a hug, a kind word, sharing a resource, giving a gift, making a donation, opening your hearts or your borders.

And sometimes the greatest pleasure you can give someone is to leave them alone.

It’s not our land. Not our business. Not our fight. Unless we want to make it our fight, as we’ve been doing. And then we will continue to pay the sad and bloody price in more Parises.

So if all this terror makes you want to shoot somebody, just hold your horses, watch this show, and shoot the gun between your legs! Fap it!

And… from our buns to yours…. a very Happy Spanksgiving from The Bonobo Way!

Happy Spanksgiving from the Bonobo Way! Photo: Unscene Abe

Happy Spanksgiving from the Bonobo Way! Photo: Unscene Abe

© November 21, 2015. Susan Block, Ph.D., a.k.a. “Dr. Suzy,” is a world renowned LA sex therapist, author of The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure and horny housewife, occasionally seen on HBO and other channels. For speaking engagements, call 310-568-0066.

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  1. yaaaay! Glad I could please and tease :P

  2. We wouldn’t be on the Dr Suzy Show if it weren’t for freedom of expression. The freedom to express our opinions and feelings is a basis for The Bonobo Way, thereby it is an integral part of communicating and working through conflict. Whether it is an opinion on current affairs, an emotion we are working through, a review on a sex toy, defining sexual identity, or really letting out our aggression, it is a safe place to do so in Bonoboville. It might make for a heated scene, an awkward silence, or a temporary distraction, but at least it’s real – it’s genuine. We can’t write scripts better than this.

    As human drama plays out all around us and in the world, we can look to smaller communities to learn about different people and lifestyles. This week we had a chance to open our eyes to a beautiful delight like Jessica Fappit. A Southern Belle from Texas now living in Las Vegas, Miss Fappit presents a glowing example of how to develop a solid sense of self and spread an important message to others. Jessica teaches us with grace and humor that each transwoman identifies differently throughout her process. Playfully celebrating her ‘role as a hole,’ we learn that there is no room on Jessica’s roster for being ‘cocky.’ As the years progress, it will be interesting to see this witty and wonderful woman show us how she blossoms even further.

    Another playful friend to join us this week was Kim Airs. Kim lifted our spirits – and our skirts – to celebrate a “Grand Opening”…With a treasure trove of toys and instructional goodness. This made for a zany, fun time in the Womb Room, where we could lighten the mood and have a temporary, orgasmic reprieve from the nightmarish realities of guns, gore and war.

    We can return you to the regularly scheduled perma-war after this brief message. Here are my final thoughts on the Charlie Sheen shame-blame-game:

    In a time when transparency is becoming mandatory due to social media and paparazzi culture, it disappoints me that Charlie Sheen didn’t take this unfortunate opportunity to stand by his own community. Charlie is a part of the “key affected populations” for HIV, which includes men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, sex workers, and transgender people. It is not necessary to know which of these groups he engaged with, but it is likely he participated in dangerous interactions with any or all of them.

    Societal acceptance of previously overlooked subcultural groups is at an all-time high. Instead of this self-effacing, “I’m a changed man” blaming approach, this could have been a time to admit that he is perhaps pansexual, suffers from addiction (as many people in his group do), and since he admittedly paid for sex parties, address that if sex workers were decriminalized, there would be less transmission due to regulated healthcare. This could have been a platform for something other than “Poor me, look who got me sick.”

    It takes two to transmit, Charlie. You were having as much sex as the sex workers, if not more, making your “party pad” the Ground Zero for what could become a breakout caused by YOU. It is no secret that you were knowingly in contact with blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, rectal fluids, vaginal fluids…and you were unprotected. It is sad, it is unfortunate, and it is also simply a fact: YOU are responsible for contracting HIV.

    Be thankful. Be happy. Be grateful.
    Gobble Gobble,
    Bizzy B

  3. Nick Salazar says:

    Dr Susan and Max I love you both

  4. As people will know from my Tweets of the live show via @chelseabonobo, my fingers were on the pulse of the goings on … :)

    For the high visibility of the peace message of Bonoboville despite obstacles of inclement health, fumbling microphone-neophytes (lol) disappointments in Charlie Sheen’s choice of revealing his HIV status at the expense of the sex workers he enjoyed services from to the impatience of Capt Max on the length of time spent on said topic in the midst of global war and pressing violence concerns, I give highest homage.

    The professionalism displayed by Dr Suzy, work ethic and Bonobo Way ethic all came through with flying colors, er, bubbles? :)

    And for that your public thanks you, your audience and bonobo field workers such as myself thank you … if the bonobos in the Congo could thank you I’m quite sure they are now …

    Love to my colleagues and friends, mentors, activists, porn stars, sex workers, beauty divas and the sexy gents in the studio as well…. from my now urban perch in the City of Subdued Excitement Portland, OR …

    Love and Bonobo Light Always,

  5. To all at the Dr. Susan Block show:

    WHAT A SHOW! I really was awesomely impressed by the way you handled the issues and being in the right “Spot” with the guests! I really want to say, every show you do, is truly “Peace through pleasure” and “Strength through love!” is what I consider to be the most awesome thing we need now in these critical and serious times we face, we must use the positive energy to create the fundamental changes towards a planet full of love, divine hope and more importantly, the understanding of one another. Your shows are a important key to take the next step in a positive Human revolution of change in this world.

    I want to say how much your support and your appreciation to help me in my campaign to end bullying and bullycide worldwide has been totally awesome sincerely! So far, 1,406 have joined the cause. The mission for me is to have over ONE BILLION VOICES united for our youth and the generations to come, to go to school in peace, in freedom, and safety, and not be worried about being bullied due to gender preference, religion and more and become the future leaders not just here in America but throughout the world. And your show and this institution of love and more, is clear evidence that we can achieve peace through pleasure and more.

    From the bottom of my heart, I say simply

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, A TRILLION TIMES thank you!!!

    Very sincerely yours, Your friend and fan,
    Christopher C. Gagliardi

  6. Rose says:

    This was certainly a dynamic show- rage, comedy, sex toys, illness, oh my! But after the blow-ups, we were rewarded with resolution, play and the Bonobo Way reigning supreme. It seems like there was just something in the air that day- a tension, perhaps all of us resonating with the global state of events: fear/war/terror and Charlie Sheen’s whore shaming (with poverty, slavery, homelessness, human trafficking and environmental irresponsibility ETC! going unmentioned.)

    I must agree with Dr. Suzy on this one- I find it completely relevant and important to mention the Charlie Sheen story in spite of the fact that it could be considered a frivolous distraction from the WAR. And of course we have our priorities- I don’t believe anyone with a degree of sense would try to equate the Sheen drama with something as critical as the real human suffering that is very much happening in huge ways all over the world right now. But that also does not mean that we should push Sheen’s missteps under the rug in favor of continuing to wring our hands in anger and helplessness in the face of the “Perma-War,” as you say.

    Because really, just as much as the Sheen story has been saturating news media outlets recently, we are bombarded with coverage of this never-ending war…ALL THE TIME. And by obsessing over either of these two stories, we are doing ourselves a disservice- we are missing out on being present and seeing the beauty and fun in life…which is more meaningful to me and also more in alignment with The Bonobo Way- not living in ignorance or denial of the world’s happenings, but making conscious choices to experience life in a way that feels good, balanced and pleasurable. Although The Speakeasy is quite a politically inclined place, it is also a place in support of SEX, sex workers, the sex industry and sex positivity- which makes the Sheen story important. I’m glad there is space for all topics to be discussed here- and all opinions to be relevant. It is a space for news, entertainment, play, politics and bonobos- this last show, in spite of the kinks, was a display of the amazing things that can happen on the Dr. Susan Block Show.

    And I love how supportive and awesome the guests were! Jessica Fappit was sharp, witty, gorgeous and purposeful- not to mention that she has the swallowing capacity of…a goddess? Or maybe a boa constrictor? Either way- that was SO WILD to watch her deep throat that superhuman dildo! Definitely called everyone to complete attention! Sheen-who-what? And I loved Kim Airs’ constant playful, open demeanor- so ready to share and have fun. The always lovely Dayton Rains and Elizabeth Aston were wonderful to behold as well. The show was definitely a success- fun, smart, real and kinky :)

    Love, Rose

  7. Del Rey says:

    This week’s show was an excellent exercise in the Bonobo Way and a darn fine example of peace through pleasure in action. Yes, things got a little loud in Dr. Suzy’s womb room, but no bombs, no knives, no killing whatsoever. Instead we find the joyful communion of friends, lovers and sinners artists and exhibitionists.

    As children of sex, and adults exploring the depths of pleasure, our attention is drawn to the toys. Kim Airs brings some lovely and fully functional toys to the stage, bringing Dayton Rains (Dr. Susan Block Institute Phone & Webcam Therapist) to a squirting orgasm with the Bubble Love underwater sex toy… Bonoboville may need a bigger tub soon.

    But I didn’t forget about Jessica Fappit, and her amazing deep throat talent, which was sooo good that it needed to be seen twice! All in all, the visual talents of our Bonoboville guests helped to ease the underlying tension brought up by the discussion of Charlie Sheen’s recent HIV-positive announcement; and help ready us to talk about war , the Military Industrial Complex, and police brutality.

    Yes the Dr. Susan Block show is the greatest “sexuality show on Earth” and the open dialogue on topics like sex toys, Charlie Sheen, sex workers, war, squirting, orgasms, g-spots, transexuals, porn, police brutality have made it truly revolutionary and unlike anything else on-air.

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