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Fall into the Bonobo Way, Tamera & Terra Nova this Saturday + Earth Love Anytime 24/7 ❤️

 Happy Autumn Equinox! FALL into The Bonobo Way Today!

TAMERA this Saturday!

This Saturday, 9/26, DrSuzy.Tv presents Tamera & Terra Nova. RSVP to join us in-studio: Call 310.568.0066, Studio members free. Deets here.

Fall into the Bonobo Way!

Now with its 27th ★★★★★ review! Fall into The Bonobo Way this autumn…

Louboutins! Communion! Sybian! + Book Spanking Dayton Rains & Jeanie Marie on DrSuzy.Tv!

To listen free, read the blog & see some pix, click here. Watch the archive on DrSuzy.Tv.. RSVP to the next show: Call 310-568-0066

Good Reading: Terra Nova

Author Dr. Dieter Duhn pens a vision for  a new global culture. “This book encapsulates the insights of more than 40 years of research in living in one of the world’s more radical community “Tamera” and combines these results with the findings of revolutionary pioneers.” Tamera itself is located in Portugal (1995) and was founded in Germany in 1978. .

Find Terra Nova  & other recommended titles on Block Books, and this Saturday September, 26th, see co-founder of Tamera, Sabine Lichtenfels on DrSuzy.TV.


How-to Orgasm with your Husband

Lauren learns to orgasm with the hubby on this illuminating “Sex Calls” episode. Note: “Sex Calls” are from the DrSuzy.Tv archives, & not therapy sessions. To speak with a therapist privately, call 213.291.9497. Or just watch this.

Sex-Therapy-Top-BannerTherapists without Borders | Radio without Boundaries

✿  Call the Institute today ✿

Via webcam to telephone sessions, our therapists are available to listen, talk, advise and role-play. Call now for individual or group phone or webcam therapy, 213.291.9497. 

"Spearmint Bonobo" Monica Monroe rides the Sybian. Photo: L'erotique

Spotlight Therapy: Group Sex

Need to talk about orgies, swinging, cuddle puddles, polyamory, threesomes? Speak to our therapists about MFM, cuckold fantasies, bonobo-style communal ecstasy & more! Call us now: 213.291.9497.  

SEX CALLS: Bisexual Monogamy

Watch, listen & learn to better communicate with your partner in this vintage SEX CALLS episode, Bisexual MonogamySEX CALLS are not Institute therapy clients. Those calls are private.


Wanted: Live-In Web Dev

Jack hit the jackpot, so now Bonoboville needs a new Live-In Web Dev. If you qualify, please apply. Call 310-568-0066.


Dr. Suzy's Clip-o-RamaDr. Susan Block’s Clip-O-Rama XXX Theater


Clip-o-Rama is a revolutionary new clip-site with a library of videos unlike any other. We have clips for all tastes and occasions. Plus, you can enjoy Dr. Suzy’s XXX theater from the comfort of your own Bonoboville home. From Penny Jean to Bonnie Rotten; music videos to squirt Salons, Clip-o-rama has something for you. 

Save the Date. We Mean it!

Keep up to date with the greatest sexuality show on earth. Already a member? RSVP: Call 310-568-0066.

Guest ★ on Dr. Suzy Tv

Take your starring or supporting role on the greatest sexuality show on earth. Sex-talk, Sybian rides, Bonoboville communion, politics & more on the Dr. Susan Block Show. Contact Biz Bonobo for booking: 310-569-0066.

Now Open: Live-in PR Position

Wanted: Live-In PR Whiz. Visit our Bonoboville Classifieds  & if you qualify, please apply. Call 310-568-0066 for more info.

bonoboville-beta-logoSurround yourself with good.


How Do You Bonobo?

Don’t just read The Bonobo Way, live it! Share it. And wear it with our ❤ the Earth U Make ❤ on apparel. Wear your bonoboësque pride. From sleepwear to glasses… How do you Bonobo? Tag us via instagram; #Bonoboville, and DM our twiitter too @RadioSuzy1 @DrSuzy, & @Bonoboville

Ecosexuality Launch!

Dr. SerenaGaia put us in touch with Tamera, our guests this Saturday. If you haven’t seen our Ecosexuality launch with her, check it out on DrSuzy.TV  And read Ecosexuality!


The Greatest Sexuality Show on Earth!

RSVP for an evening of pleasure by the palm trees, 310-568-0066.Take Bonoboville Communion with us, and get a studio membership! Never be bored on Saturday nights again. Keep up with Bonobovile on Meetup

Studio members can attend for free.

Can’t join us In the flesh? Listen FREE on your cell phone, watch on demand, or chat during the Live-stream in the Bonoboville.com studio! Have a question for Dr. Suzy or her guests? Ask via Skype: 213-599-7398 Or call 310-568-0066 / 1-866-289-7068. Twitter via: @RadioSUZY1 or @DrSuzy

20+ Years of Agitating the Airwaves 

Listen to shows from the Block Studio Archive. From Bettie Page and Abby Martin, to HBO and Emmy Soirees, Dr. Block’s groundbreaking clips can be streamed directly from your phone– surround yourself with good with our social media site, it sure ain’t facebook.

Our shows are pro-sex, politically charged, and unscripted. Ready to RSVP and see for yourself,?Call 213.291.9497 for more information. See you in Bonoboville.

Stop Bitchin’, start a RƎVO˩ution.

Why wait? Call us now 310.568.0066. Available 24/7

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