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Tamera in Bonoboville: Biz, Helane, Benjamin von Mendelssohn, Dr. Susan Block with Ecosexuality & The Bonobo Way, Sabine Lichtenfels with Dieter Duhm's Terra Nova, Global Revolution & the Healing of Love, Dayton Rains, Michael Wisnieux. Row 2: Joseph. Photo: L'Erotique

Length 1:32:31 Date: September 26, 2015   by Dr. Susan Block It’s Supermoon Eve, just before the total lunar eclipse, when Bonoboville welcomes a different kind of luminosity into the Womb Room, a human beacon of light illuminating peace through pleasure on Earth. Two visionary leaders of the “healing biotope,” TAMERA, an extraordinary human community, grace my broadcast bed, sharing
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Length 1:43:57 Date: November 28, 2015   by Dr. Susan Block On Thanksgiving, let us give thanks for all we love. And on Spanksgiving, let us give spanks to all consenting adults who need spankings. And let us practice the Bonobo Way so we may find a way to stop killing one another. Let us learn from our bonobo sisters
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Season’s Beatings! And Bonobo Way Book-Spankings… Get STUFFED This Thanksgiving… Food is the main event, but save room for sex! That turkey hole shouldn’t be the only one that gets deliciously stuffed…❤ Is your sex life more in need of spice than your pumpkin pie? Call the Dr. Susan Block Institute at 310-568-0066. We’re here for you throughout the holidays.
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Ono Bo with Ron de Jeremy Rum, Jessica Fappit with the Bonobo Way, Dr. Susan Block with My First G-Spot Vibe, Biz Bonobo with Buttplug, Kim Airs with Bubble Love. Row 2: Bonobo Rose, Dayton Rains with Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur.  Photo: Unscene Abe.  Inserts: Miley Cyrus, Charlie Sheen on the cover of Helane's "A Drawing A Day" & Capt'n Max

Length 1:35:43 Date: November 21, 2015 by Dr. Susan Block There’s a war going on, the latest maneuver in the old Perma-War on Terror. From stark Biblical deserts to bustling world-class cities, bombs are falling, refugees fleeing, innocents being massacred, citizens panicking, politicians posturing and great clashes of force commanding the world stage. In the Womb Room, often serving as
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Call us anytime, even through the holidays.   DrSuzy.Tv Live Saturday Night! Join us for this Saturday’s Dr. Susan Block Show live from Bonoboville with Jessica Shores, Kim Airs & Jessica Fappit. RSVP Here or Call 310-568-0066. “I love, love, love the Bonobo Way” …says Dr. Darrel Ray in his review of The Bonobo Way; “Recondite & sublime,” says Yallie Gerard Weaver.
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G-Spot Brand Apparel on Biz Bonobo with Mad X Bike & Ron De Jeremy Rum, Dayton Rains with The Bonobo Way & Agwa Coca Leaf Liqueur, Dr. Susan Block, Ikkor the Wolf, Aaliyah Corsets with Gree Cross.  Photo: Ono Bo. Inserts: Chelsea Demoiselle at Sex-Positive Portland "Slutty Prom" and "Peace in Paris."

Length 1:35:48 Date: November 14, 2015 By Dr. Susan Block Hosting a live pro-sex variety show less than 24 hours after a horrific multiple mass murder in the City of Love is a little bizarre. But it’s a “healing” kind of bizarre, like pushing yourself to have sex when you’re under-the-weather, physically or emotionally. After you get into it, very
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Isiah Maxwell, Luc Wylder, Jux Lii, Ron Jeremy, Middle Row: Alexandra Silk, Capt'n Max, Dr. Suzy,  Jessica Shores, Bonobo Rose. Bottom Row: Biz Bonobo, Dayton Rains, Ono Bo.  Photo: Unscene Abe

  Length 1:53:03 Date: November 7, 2015 By Dr. Susan Block Capt’n Max, a.k.a., Pr. Maximillian R. Leblovic di Lobkowicz di Filangieri, was born at the Vatican Hospital in Rome, on November 8th 1943. At the tender age of seven, he and a horde of other deposed royal families of Europe set sail on a big beautiful ship, eventually arriving
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Need Help Captaining the Yacht of Your Sex Life? Call Us.


Length 1:53:27 Date: October 31, 2015 By Dr. Susan Block As nights grow long from the witch’s hex, let us enter the realm of scary sex… whereupon our congregation of bonobo brothers & sisters is transformed into a convocation of sexy witches and hot bitches, tranced-out tramps and curvaceous vamps, all of us gathered together in the Womb Room for
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 Face Your Erotic Fears & Explore Frighteningly HOT Sex Halloween in BonoBOOville 10/31! Join Dr. Suzy, Dayton Rains, friends & lovers for this ClimaxXx to Kink Month. Deets & RSVP: 310-568-0066. Eek! Let’s Get Spooky “A pinch of fear is a turn-on, like spice in your enchilada,” says Dr. Suzy. “Too much spoils the meat.”  Face your erotic fears & explore Frightening
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